Shake it up!

There’s so many shakes in the world, here you will find a few of them. I shake on a hot summer day (or a windy snowy day winter day) will never fail you.


Homemade Apple Juice

Have you ever wanted to make apple juice at home. If so this is the best recipe for it! With fresh sweet apple flavors…

The Best Tropical Drink!

Have you ever wanted the perfect tropical summer drink, with bubbly water and that amazing fruit flavor? Then make this drink right now!

Asian Pear and Green Tea Smoothie

If you want a interesting tasting experience full of asian pear flavour, try this smoothie right now!

Simple Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is so simple, even my dog could make it! Creamy and yummy, with awesome notes of berries!

My Go-To Milkshake

Do you want creamy, sweet, and flavorful shake make this right now! It’s my go-to milkshake after school...

Chef Valdemar
EST. 2021



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